Bring Back The 2 Crew!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Bring Back Dave Price, Jim Ryan, Mario Bosquez, Shon Gables, Vanessa, and Duke

The Mornings on 2 Crew was a fresh breath of air. In a market dominated by over sterilized glossed-up, propped up anchors, it was refreshing to have a team of people who looked and sounded like the audience they were broadcasting to. The "Mornings on 2 Crew" consisting of Dave Price, Shon Gables, Jim Ryan, Mario Bosquez, Vanessa and Duke was "Good News."

The television executives have exercised their voice with their decision, well now I think they should hear our voice. After all, I'm rather particular about whom I let into my home at 5:00 in the morning. The mornings on 2 Crew started my day with a smile, a laugh, and an uplifting feeling inside - despite the sometimes bad or tragic news of our world.

There's power in numbers, so let the network executives hear your voice.
(They may own the station, but they dont own the viewers)

Below are some email addresses:

Fred Reynold, President and CEO - CBS Corporation

Peter Dunn, president and general manager

Tom Kane